Bulkington Christmas Decorations 2015

Thanks to the creative genious of Paisley, this year saw the release of Bulkington Netball Clubs handmae Christmas decorations to raise extra funds for the club. 

Men vs Women 2015 

On the 8th September 2015 Bulkington Netball Club hosted its first Men vs Women netball match. Although it was a close game Bulkington Women won 28-9

The game raised £66 for the club and lots of fun was had by all. Fantastic effort ladies and gents, thank you to Paisley for organising the event and everyone who turned up and took part.

2012 Bulkington Netball Club Calendar

Our 2012 netball club calendar raised £865 for Breast Cancer Care and Bulkington Netball Club!! The Calendar was a great success and a lot of fun was had by all!!



As an easy way of raising money for the club, when you do your online shopping, please do it through the following webpage:

You dont get charged anything for using it, however the club gains a percentage of everything we spend - and ITS VERY EASY TO DO :)

Copy and paste the link above, search for Bulkington Netball Club and then register your details.  There are thousands of retailers to choose from, and the only difference to you is going through this website rather than going to the retailer direct.

Please register and shop away to support our club :)