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A Team vs Copsewood B Report

Bulkington A Team 37 - 25 Copsewood B
Date : 15 Oct 2011
Location: Bulkington Rec
Player's Player :

Match Report

The A team started the game with a couple of nervous subs with Yvonne starting at GS for an ill Courtney and Sue Evans at GD. With Andrea at C and Amy at WD the team had to adjust quickly. Once settled the team started working well and pulled away to a small lead. Just before half time, the team realised that Copsewood were not going to make the game an easy win and they sure were not about to give up..
Half time arrived, and the score stood at 16-16. Amy took back the C bib and Andrea went to WD. The team then started playing their own game and settled down with Andrea taking some flying interceptions. Going into the last quarter the score looked more promising at 23-19, and this showed with the confident shots Rosie and Yvonne were shooting. With the excellent shooting combined with some outstanding interceptions by both the attck and defence the A team won 37-25! 

The whole team would like to thank the many supporters that turned up to watch probably the last sunny game of the season, as well as the super subs Sue and Yvonne and our coach Stacie.

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