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B Team vs Bulkington A Report

Bulkington B Team 20 - 40 Bulkington A
Date : 01 Oct 2011
Location: Bulkington Rec
Player's Player :

Match Report


This was always going to be tough game for both teams, playing against your friends is never easy. With the A team in full swing with a strong team, the B team were missing 3 of their 7 – Laura at C, SJ at GS and Rhian at GK, but thankfully Sam, Linds and Kim stepped up for the B.

The A got off to a fantastic start and continued to progress and hold on to the lead comfortably throughout.

The B seemed lost in the first half, but with the A hardly missing a shot, it was difficult to defend and the A defence made it extremely difficult for the B to get it in.

The B did pick up their game after half time and fought back hard to control the score-line but all credit goes to the A team as the final score was 40-20 which meant the B narrowly missed out on a point.

Thanks to members of Bulkington C for helping the B out and playing twice that day.

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