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B Team vs Henley A Report

Bulkington B Team 19 - 63 Henley A
Date : 15 Oct 2011
Location: Caludon Castle School
Player's Player :

Match Report


We had our full team out although 2 players had played previously, which hindered us slightly. In the first quarter we kept up with Henley and showed they were not going to make it easy for them, which saw them make a substitution early on in the game.  Nevertheless, Henley’s shooting partnership is one which is very hard to dominate – especially as the GS was Sarah – Bulkington’s very own coach.

Sarah was celebrating her 40th Birthday (she doesn’t look a day over 21) the following day but that didn’t faze Sarah, she was still as fantastic as ever and her shooting was spot on! We did struggle to attack at times but Yvonne, who was playing GS, dominated in the attack and made it work as much as possible.

We didn’t feel the end result reflected the game as much as it would suggest but nevertheless, Henley ran away with the game which resulted in a win for them of 63-19. Onwards and upwards B team!

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