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C Team vs Ambleside A Report

Bulkington C Team 18 - 61 Ambleside A
Date : 05 Nov 2011
Location: Ambleside Sports Club
Player's Player : Sam Olner

Match Report


Line up: GK- Kim, GD- Sue, WD- Jackie, C- Sam, WA- Jillian, GA- Lindsey, GS- Kerrie.

When we looked at the previous scores from Ambleside’s games so far, we knew that this was going to be probably the hardest game so far. Despite this we were all determined to try our hardest and just enjoy the game.

1ST quarter we went out with our battle faces on, it was a hard 15 mins with the defence feeling it the most as they were being pulled up for everything, but Kim and Sue kept their heads up and just kept going like machines (like they always do). By the end of the quarter Ambleside were 16-5 up.

2ND  quarter, we were still positive and went on playing really well considering the opposition, the attack were working really well getting it down the court, however we were getting a bit stuck in the attacking goal third and were making it hard for ourselves. Both teams had doubled their score by the end of the quarter, 31-10 to Ambleside.

3RD quarter was the worsed quarter from us, the game was going at a very fast pace and we all began to tire a little, this allowed Ambleside to get back a lot of goals, one after another were just popping in (they did have a GS that was a GIANT!!). The score by the end of the quarter was 45-12.

4th quarter, we had decided just to go out and enjoy the rest of the game. We kept battling throughout and it was a good game, clean and we were all very disciplined the entire match. Even thou the end score was 61- 18 to Ambleside, it did not reflect how we played.

And  a massive thanks to Charlie who came along as a reserve and managed to get the glorious job of scorer. Thanks Charlie .... and a huge thankyou to our only supporter (and lovely surprise supporter) Stacey McIntosh :)

Well done girls.

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