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D Team vs Whitnash Report

Bulkington D Team 18 - 19 Whitnash
Date : 05 Nov 2011
Location: Bulkington Rec
Player's Player :

Match Report


The D team on Saturday was concentrated to say the least. With Katie Lillis unwell and Becky with an injured wrist, we had Jo.B in GA and only 7 players. Despite this the D team weren’t going to give without a fight.(some more than others – Jo.C and Mandy to name a few).

We started well with George shooting very successfully at long distances. The defence was strong and the numerous interceptions from both teams kept the score line low, keeping momentum we were up by one goal for the first three quarters – 8-7, 11-10, 15-14.

Luckily at half time Jo.B was relieved in attack by Mel back from uni for the weekend, but still it seemed the D’s struggled to break away. The last thirty seconds saw a heartbreaking turnaround and Whitnash  scored two fast goals putting them ahead just as the whistle blew.

The final score, 18-19 to Whitnash, did not reflect the game where the D’s until then were winning throughout. George’s shooting was the best we have seen all season and there was constant battling for loose balls. Hopefully next time we meet Whitnash we can show them who’s boss! 

GS - George, GA - Jo.B/Mel, WA - Paisley, C- Emilie, WD - Beckie, GD - Jo.C, GK - Mandy

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