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C Team vs LMR Rugby A Report

Bulkington C Team 29 - 26 LMR Rugby A
Date : 17 Dec 2011
Location: LMR Club
Player's Player :

Match Report

We knew that this was going to be another must-win game... however this time, we were determined not to lose it and give everything to win our last game before the Christmas break.....

We turned up in Rugby with arctic conditions, which didnt set the team up well to get a good warm up (warming up would actually be impossible).... and we knew that shooting would be particularly difficult.  After a team talk reiterating the need for short passes and no overheads etc we took to the court for the first quarter.

We had no Jackie (someone was in the sun!) and therefore the two Jo's helped us out.... 

We started well and managed to sink a few goals whilst getting used to shooting conditions (even from far out) and the first quarter ended 7-4 to us.

Second quarter we grew in confidence and the defence were playing awesome, with Sue, Kim and Jo getting lots of tips, rebounds and interceptions.  We made the most of a few of these and managed to extend our lead to 15-10.  The attack were working hard, and it was working well ;)

The third quarter saw us extend our lead again, and we had some brilliant play down court, and throughout the game the defence played amazingly.  Sam managed to get loads of interceptions....some of them running, two footed cleanly caught interceptions!!!!! Pure class! 

We went into the fourth quarter not wanting to throw it away (as we have in other matches), and although LMR had a good comeback, we managed to hold on 26-29.  The only word to describe the last quarter....... 'shocking' ! hahahahahahaha

Conditions were not brill, and by the end everyone was literally freezing!  It says a lot when your Centre wears leggings, a hoody, a gillet and her usual kit without passing out with heat exhaustion! 

Not a brilliant end to the match with us just hanging on in there - however under the circumstances we are still thrilled with a much needed third win of the season!  

Huge thanks to our supporters/coaches Amy and Sarah who braved the freezing temperatures, and to our subs - the two Jo's!  You both played brilliantly :)


Merry Christmas Everyone!


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